This story starts back in December of 2010, I was looking for Christmas presents for my brother and his wife who live in Seattle, so me being “Frugal Ben” went to Groupon Seattle to see if their were any good deals for them, and I came across this deal for a Trapeze Class at Emerald City Trapeze.

I wasn’t sure if Nate and Erin would enjoy doing it but I really wanted to do it myself, so onto “The List” it went. I didn’t think this goal would come true so quickly, but I was able to come to Seattle to visit the family.

So as soon as we got a chance Dave, Hi-d, and I all went to the trapeze place. It was fun from the get go. The other girls in the class were shocked and hilarious while attempting to match Hi-d’s flexibility.

After the stretching and quick instructions we started hitting the trapeze. The goal the whole time was to be hanging by your knees with your arms out extended by the 3rd swing so that the guy on the other trapeze could catch you. It’s harder than you think, but the whole experience was totally worth it! A lot of fun.

Soon enough this might be me and I’ll be traveling around with my friends Barnum and Bailey to a town near you.

Ben’s Trapeze


Hi-d’s Trapeze