YouTube Favs

For those of you who don’t know I LOVE YOUTUBE! It has this amazing capability of brightening my day through hilarious video, the dumber the better usually. Every week I will post one of my favorite videos and hope you enjoy them. Do you have a hilarious video that i need to check out? I’m always on the hunt for a great videos, please post them in the comments here so I can check them out and post them!

4/16/11 This can be the implications of losing at Paper, Rock, Scissors! So Don’t Lose

4/9/11 New Bucklist Goal! Shoot a music video using only treadmills!!! Whose with me!?

3/27/11 I have never wanted to learn the saxophone so badly

3/5/11 My co-worker sent me a link to the website of Toby Jones It’s hilarious, and a good idea!

2/26/11 Brian the Beard Wilson, The Giants Pitcher and “The Machine” Hilarious!

2/19/11 I’m wanting to do a drive thru rap similar to this video for My LIst. So i’ve been doing some “research” on Youtube, this video was my favorite.

2/12/11 SuperBowl was last week! What was your favorite commercial? Doritos out did themselves this year with a lot of great videos! This was my favorite.

2/5/11 Do The Creep! I might be a little bias because Adam Sandberg’s creepy kid is my childhood twin. On top of that this is hilarious!

1/29/11 The Return of Old Spice Guy! Enough Said

1/22/2011 This video is hilarious and was brought to my attention by my friend Tasmin. Thanks Taz!

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