The List

This List is continuously being altered, updated, contemplated, and experienced! The links are to either completed task or an explanation of the task. Feel free to comment, make suggestions, or join me for an adventure!

Tasks that are marked through mean that I’ve already done them and usually have a link to the journal about the task.

To Do

1 Get on the big screen at a sports event
2 Be apart of a flash mob
3 Run a marathon
4 Go fishing for Salmon in Alaska
6 Take a flying trapeze class

7 Rush the field at an event
8 Pay something off with Money Oragami
9 Take A Jiu Jitsu class
10 Get a standing ovation at a karaoke bar
11 Go sky diving
12 Go bungee jumping
14 Snorkeling into a shipwreck
15 Swim with sharks
16 Participate in Running of the Bulls
17 Go Zorbing in New Zealand
18 Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world
19 Go on a cruise
21 Watch a rocket launch into space live
22 Break a Guinness World Record
24 Fly kites over …. (still trying to think of a sweet spot)
25 Make a list of 100 books to read
26 Read a novel that has won a Pulitzer Prize in the Fiction Category
27 Do the 365 Challenge ( A picture everyday)
28 Swim with dolphins
29 Go spear fishing in the ocean
30 Get my photo published in the newspaper
31 Meet the president of the USA
32 Meet the president of a foreign country
33 Meet Bill Gates
34 Meet Warren Buffet
35 Get interviewed on TV
36 Volunteer at a soup kitchen
37 Build a Habitat for Humanity Home
38 Make loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through ( Total $5000)
40 Audition for American Idol Too Old Now 🙁
41 Mush a Dog Sled
42 Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean
43 Milk a cow
44 Do everything left handed for a day
45 Start “The Wave” at a major event
46 Get my motorcycle license
47 Join A bowling league and have t-shirts made
48 Rap my order at a drive thru! (YouTube Vid)
49 Create a music video using only treadmills for dancing ( Ok Go )
50 Teach an elementary school class
51 Pay my parents mortgage payments for my parents
52 Go on a stunt plane ride
53 Experience zero gravity
54 Give a student a scholarship

To Visit

1 Swim in the largest swimming pool in the world, off the coast of Chile
2 Hike to the botttom of the Grand Canyon
3 Victoria Falls (between Zambia and Zimbabwe)
4 Iguassu Falls (between Brazil and Argentina)
5 The Great Barrier Reef
6 The Galapagos Archipelago
7 The Amazon Rainforest
8 The Perito Moreno Glacier
10 Attend an olympic event
11 Times Square for news year
14 Attend a game at the new cowboys stadium (Get on the Jumbo Screen, Double Bonus!)
15 Attend Comic Con

To Learn

2 Learn to fly fish
3 Learn conversational Spanish
4 Learn “I love you” in 12 languages
5 Learn sign language for 3 songs
6 Learn to play the piano
7 Learn how to use a SLR camera
8 Learn how to perform magic tricks ( I wish i would of know this on my mission!)
9 Learn to juggle
10 Solve the Rubik’s Cube ( w/o cheating)
11 Learn and do the haka ( YouTube )
12 To listen (No speaking for 1 week)
13 To Sail

To Achieve

1 Get my MBA
2 Be knighted by the queen of England
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