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Roller Coaster Rest Days : )

SEER Six Flags

I am kind of an adrenaline junky and roller coasters are always a good way to get my fix. I’ve been to six flags in California & Illinois and made sure to put it on my to do list out here in Philly.

Like a lot of things on my list they usually get pushed to the back, but luckily my awesome employer, SEER Interactive set us up to go to 6 Flags NJ for a company retreat. It was an amazing day with amazing co-workers. I will definitely be going back again soon.

(These faces are priceless)

Cheesesteak Triple Bypass Challenge


David & Ben Cheesesteak Triple Bypass Challenge


Benjamin Beck Riding His Bike To Work At SEER Interactive

Riding My Bike To Work


Shortly after moving to Philly I knew that I needed to get a bike. I’ve found that it is truly the best way to get around and enjoy Philadelphia. My favorite and go to path is the Schuylkill. You will understand why if you check out these photos from the Schuylkill. If you go on Philly Naked Bike Ride Day you will definitely see a different side of Philadelphia, but I digress.

So I started par-oozing through Craigslist for an urban steed to ride around Philly. It didn’t take long for me to find this gem for only $120!



Benjamin Becks Bike


Get A Parking Ticket


It sure didn’t take the long for the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) to welcome me to their great city! I kind of knew how aggressive they could be from watching the reality show Parking Wars. Even with this research I was not prepared for my first parking violation in Philly. (more…)

2012 Resolutions and 30 day challenges


When thinking of what to do for New Year Resolutions this year, i decided to change my strategy to doing a 30 day challenges each month instead of committing to doing a lot of goals for a whole year. I got the idea from someone that I really look upto, Matt Cutts, who explains the 30 day challenge strategy in his Ted Talk video.

Bust A Move At Battle Of The year


Break Dance Beginnings



It started back in middle school, when i first saw some other guys break dancing. As soon as i saw what they were doing I knew i was going to be hooked! I would practice before wrestling workouts, on the weekends, and my parents even bought me some break dance tutorial videos on VHS. I fell in love with the whole bboy culture of graffiti, dress, and of course  break dancing!


Flash Mob Fail


So one of the tasks on my bucket list is to be apart of a flash mob! If you haven’t haven’t heard of this before i really feel sorry for you! But not to worry i took the time to put this YouTube playlist together of my favorite Flash Mob videos. Or as i like to call them, my “Flash Mobspiration”


Go Surfing



So i figured that since I love to wakeboard, snowboard, and longboard how hard could it be to tackle a surfboard? So when I was in San Diego with my friend Blake I thought that I was going to be a natural surfer and pick it up without a problem. It was amazing cause Blake lives 3 blocks off of Pacific Beach, so we just walked down to the beach and rented our boards and wetsuits just next to the beach. Couldn’t believe that we got everything we needed for 3 hours for just $20!

So as it turns out surfing is way different from any of those other boards that I’ve tried. For starters I wasn’t prepared for the all the paddling and i swallowed so much salt water I couldn’t taste anything for the rest of the weekend.

It was the 4th of July weekend and the beach was packed, even more packed were the waves of surfers! We both basically got ran over by people several times by other surfers. It was kind of scary.

After no luck from trying to ride the big waves and almost getting run over I had to move closer in and finally got up on a couple of waves and cruised them out for a bit. Success! Don’t know if i like it better than the other boards but it was definitely worth trying.

Ride A Real Bull


I heard from my friends Brian Nicodemus and Bryce Parker about this little secret in Marana, where you can pay $20 to ride a real bull! Every other Friday night they hold a mini rodeo for bull riders to practice bull riding. How could I pass up this opportunity? To ride a real bull for only $20’s!

When I arrived at the rodeo early i walked up and signed my life and personal well being away to ride the beast. It would be about 2 hours until I ride. I met up with Brian and Bryce’s friend CJ Brewer who gave me some spurs and started telling me strategy on what to do. Cj only had enough gear for one person so we were going to have to share the equipment between rides. That was until I met my rodeo coach Dustin Gonzalez a 15 year old with a fiery personality that matched his ginger hair. He was hurt so he wasn’t riding and was letting me use his gear. He showed me how to warm up my rope and some advice on how to ride a bull. He basically put me through Bull Riding 101. His coaching was amazing, too bad i didn’t record that. This youtube video was the best i could find.

Everyone around me knew that it was my first time and kept asking me if I was nervous, scared, or crazy. I guess I was little of all of them, but i actually wasn’t that nervous until I got onto my bull, “Desert Storm”, and felt how strong and massive He is! They strapped my hand to his back so tight that it was going numb. They asked me if I was ready and I said “Lets Do It!” Just like cliff jumping, once you jump theirs no turning back.

$5 Parking, $20 To Register, Riding A Bull Is Priceless from Ben Beck on Ben’s Bull Ride.

Once they flung open that gate , Desert Storm was out of their with me flailing on his back! He headed straight for the far fence, bucking me the entire way. Once we got to the fence, he turned abruptly which made me think that he was going to squish me into the fence! So I grabbed onto the fence to pull me off. That was my 6 second adrenal rush! I got a great cheer from the crowd and the announcer. I also got a good bruise on my arm from grabbing onto the gate, i guess your not suppose to do that. One things for sure its an experience and a rush that I will never forget!

Great Urban Race 2011


I’ve always thought that doing the tv show “The Amazing Race” would be so much fun, but after this weekend I realize that I would suck at it. My friend Alexis and I decided to try our hand at the Great Urban Race in Phoenix this year. The race encourages you to dress up in costumes and Alexis really wanted to be Shamu for reasons i still don’t understand, which made me her “trainer”.

So we got their and we were excited to see all of the great costumes. We walked around for a bit and then it was time where they handed out the clues, and then we were off. A bunch of people bolted for the door, while Alexis and I found a table sat down and devised a plan.

We were already at a disadvantage because we didn’t have a map or smart phone! So we quickly came up with the game plan of going to the Phoenix Library to use a computer to look up the clues and map them all out and do them. Great plan right!? So we started our adventure out walking towards the library, and when we got there it was not what we expected!
All the computers were full and we would have to wait an hour to get on a computer. Luckily we found Jerome, who had a ticket that allowed him to get on the computer in a few minutes. He was so nice and wanted to help us,so he offered his computer time to us. I think he was doing it because he crushing on Alexis. The funny part was Jerome was so nice but wasn’t very good at using mapquest. Hahaha, by the time we got done he printed off a several pages, mostly ads and small maps that weren’t readable. Out of 5 pages printed we only had 1 that was semi useful as a map of downtown Phoenix.

So we were off again still with almost no directions, we just ended up asking fellow racers for answers to clues and directions. I know we are totally cheaters but walking for hours in the Phoenix sun was starting to get old. Even with cheating it was still fun going around to find the different clues, and doing the activities.

Some of the Activities we had to do

* Unscramble a quote and who find the author who said it?
* Find 3 differences between 2 pictures
* Take pictures at landmarks
* Take a picture with someone who has a mustache with your fake mustache
* Make a hand puppet
* Take a short yoga lesson

After our last clue I was so happy to ride the light rail back to the finish! We completed it in just under 4 hrs, the winners finished in just 2 hrs. We would of finished a lot quicker if we didn’t have to backtrack so much.

I decided that i want to do it again next year, but we will be much more prepared with smart phones, food, and will not lock my car keys in my trunk (whole other story)

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