The Drive

Since I’m new to Texas there are a lot of cities on my list that i want to visit with Dallas being one of the top of my list. So when I had the opportunity to go to the State of Search Conference I was excited to have the weekend to check out the city.
Early Saturday morning Molly and I got up, jumped in the car and headed out to Dallas. On this ride Molly introduced me to a podcast called “Serial” which is a narrative documentary where the host Sarah Koenig is reviewing a murder case to see if the person convicted could be innocent. It is really good and made the drive fly by.
Serial Podcast

Dallas Aquarium

When we got to Dallas our first stop was the Dallas Aquarium, which was so much better than I expected it to be. When you first walk in it is to an open room with birds, monkeys, and all sorts of other animals moving around not in any kind cages. There is also a waterfall that drops down a couple stories into a pond where you can see giant fish, turtles, and ducks. I’ve never seen such a cool open concept with so many animals intermingling together.

How the aquarium is set up is that you start off at the top floor and as you work your way down you see the animals from different angles. So you seem them from above the water and then beneath. Probably my favorite part was walking through the shark tank where they actually swim around you.

Museum of Art

After the Dallas Aquarium we headed over to the Dallas Museum of Art to check it out, mainly because it was free. I liked this museum because they had a section where you could create your own art which was fun. Molly and I did sketches of each other and did some other crafts.

We also got to see lots of art from all over the world from different centuries. I was surprised the size of the modern art collection like the panda bear chair.


Perot Museum

The next day we went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. We watched the Panda movie that shows how China is working so hard increase Panda’s back to the wild.

Perot Panda Movie


The rest of the museum had a lot of hands on exhibits that we got to play on including the giant leap frog out front.


Reunion Tower

After spending all day at the Perot Museum we headed over to Reunion Tower to get a view of the Dallas skyline. We found out that a tour of the tower cost about $20 a person, but there is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant on top with the view as well. So we opted to go to the fancy restaurant where we ordered appetizers, for what the tour would of costed, and took in the view as the restaurant rotated around to see the full view of the skyline.


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