Run or dye, pre-race


The Sumo Saga

A couple years ago I made one of the best purchases of my life, which was an inflatable sumo suit costume for Halloween. I’ve had so much fun wearing the sumo costume that I’ve tried to wear it as often as possible.

So when I awoke at 7am Saturday morning and tried to decide what to wear to the Run or Dye 5K, which is probably the worse name for a 5K ever, as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I looked up into my closet and saw my sumo costume sitting there. I put on the sumo suit just as a joke, but when Whitney showed up to carpool down to the stadiums she concurred that I should do the 5K in it. I learned several things from running A 5K in A a sumo costume, and here they are!

1) People Always Know Where You Are

Sumo On Shoulders Pointing


When everyone is wearing white clothes and colored with chalk it can be easy to get separated and not know where your friends. That is unless one of your friends is wearing a inflatable sumo suit.

2) It’s a workout

Sumo Stretching

If running a 5K isn’t enough of a workout for you try putting on a sweat suit and doing it. I guarantee you’ll shed a lot more calories!


Drink Lots of Water! Stay Hydrated!

Dehydration is the devil

3) You Get A Cheering Section

You Can Do It

It was amazing to me the amount of support and encouragement I got from other runners while running the marathon! It was really motivating to have total strangers cheering me on as I ran.


4) You Get The Best Reactions



I wish I had a GoPro camera to catch the reactions of other runners. The sumo suit makes a bit of noise so people would hear me coming and would look to see what was coming there way. When they saw this massive thing that looks like a man in a thong approaching they were sure to get out of the way! I had people literally jump out of my way scared and then when they realized that it was just an inflatable sumo costume and not really a massive guy running behind them in a thong they usually laughed.

Probably my favorite part of the race was looking for people who were running together and I would “Squeeze” between them. I would simply say “sorry, excuse me” as I slipped between them and sure enough they would start laughing and cheer me on. Then they’d watch me run up-to the next set of people and do it again. Running from group to group to group is what really tired me out. Below will give you an idea of the line I would take in my sumo costume.


Running Through Crowds


5) Everyone wants a photo

Found Some Pinoy Friends


I thought it was hilarious how many people I caught trying to sneak pictures of me. If I noticed I would strike a pose for them.  Other people would come up and ask to get a photo with me like this group of filipinos I found.

6) People Enjoy Your Lack Of Dance Moves

Turns out Gangnam style + Dancing In A Sumo Suit = Instant Crowd Pleaser