I’ve lived in Philly for over a year now and my parents wanted to come and see what I’ve been upto since moving out here.  Here is a summary of our adventures.

Grabbing Philly Cheesesteaks

The 1st thing everyone wants to do upon arriving to the great city of Philadelphia is to grab a legit Philly Cheesesteak. They were so excited to get a cheesesteak that while I was giving them a tour of my room they discovered my cheesesteak hat and almost consumed it. Eventually we headed over to Tony Lukes, home of my favorite cheesesteak from the triple bypass challenge I did with David.

Greg & Joanna eating cheese steaks (2)

Seeing The Philly Sites

Throughout my parents trip we hit a lot of the popular Philly sites.  Some of the highlights we saw were:

 greg & joanna at the liberty bell

  • Seeing the Liberty Bell, they didn’t try to lick it
  • Rocky statue and steps
  • Board Game Art Park & LOVE Park
  • Philadelphia Mint
  • Reading Terminal

Mothers Day 2013

It was also great to be able to have my mom here for mothers day. Definitely a cherry on top of the whole trip.

Joanna, Greg, Ben Mothers Day 2013

Chocolate Making At Zwahlen’s Store

dipped apples


(image source)

We Becks love  to make chocolates and when presented with the opportunity to take a tour and talk with some real chocolatiers we took the opportunity. We spent a few hours learning how Zwahlen’s makes their candy apples and chocolates. It was a great time!

Touring Benjamin Franklin Institute

We spent a whole day at the Benjamin Franklin Institute. I hadn’t been there yet and enjoyed trying all of the toys. I had fun taking videos of my parents playing on the different exhibits. You can check out the videos here. 


Who’s next to visit Philly?

Hope to give more friends and family tours around my beautiful city.