The Idea

I’m trying this thing where I push myself to learn something each month and I thought that learning how to make balloon animals would be fun. I also have to admit that after watching the trailer “We Bought A Zoo” that I myself wanted to buy a zoo, but since I’m strapped for cash I decided that the next best thing would be to create a zoo of balloon animals.

The Equipment

A total of $20 and I was on my way!

Helpful Resources

I first found Balloon How To which had some great videos, but once I found her and a few others on YouTube I decided just to make a playlist of helpful videos I found.

YouTube Playlist of Helpful Tutorials


I had a lot of fun doing this! It was great because it was only $20 to get started and the tutorials and ballooning could be done within 15-20 minutes. I learned how to do all of these single balloons really fast, but never could get the flower or crown balloons right. I’ll keep at it, but please don’t hit me up for Birthday Party appearances, unless you want to pay to fly me out to the west coast. Then I will seriously consider it.

Balloon Animal Show & Tell

1st Attempt, Decided it was a stick riding horse

1st try at a balloon animal

Puppy Balloon

Dog Balloon Animal

Puppy With Long Neck

Giraffe Balloon Animal

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey Balloon Animal