Shortly after moving to Philly I knew that I needed to get a bike. I’ve found that it is truly the best way to get around and enjoy Philadelphia. My favorite and go to path is the Schuylkill. You will understand why if you check out these photos from the Schuylkill. If you go on Philly Naked Bike Ride Day you will definitely see a different side of Philadelphia, but I digress.

So I started par-oozing through Craigslist for an urban steed to ride around Philly. It didn’t take long for me to find this gem for only $120!



Benjamin Becks Bike

I was surprised to discover that riding my bike to work takes just as long as driving my car. If you look at the photo below you can see why. The bike lanes are always open and don’t get backed up. I also like riding my bike because by the time I get to work I am so much more awake and ready to get things done. I am definitely glad that I bought my bike and am looking forward to continue and ride my bike to work.


Benjamin Beck Riding His Bike To Work At SEER Interactive