David & Ben Cheesesteak Triple Bypass Challenge

The Challenge

I got a lot of ideas for my East Coast To Do list from my co-workers Brian & Nico and the Triple Bypass was one of my favorites. The challenge is to eat from 3 different Philly Cheesesteak joints in succession. When my brother David was in town we decided to tackle this challenge and save ourselves from exploding by sharing a cheesesteak from each of the 3 places we visited.


1st Stop Tony Lukes Cheesesteaks

Ordered: Cheesesteak, Whiz, w/ peppers

Thoughts: Have to order with peppers! I’ve had Tony Lukes before and was not too impressed until I got it with the peppers!

Cheers To Tony Lukes Cheesesteaks

2nd Stop Genos Cheesesteaks

Ordered: Cheesesteak, Whiz, w/ peppers

Thoughts: Great whiz and bread!

Geno's Cheesesteaks

3rd Stop Pat’s Cheesesteaks

Ordered: Cheesesteak, Provolone, w/ peppers

Thoughts: Had to try one without whiz, but not really a fan of the provolone. The cheesesteak meat was really good though.

3rd Stop Pats Cheesesteaks

The Verdict

Ben – Tony Lukes Cheesesteak – Whiz, w/ Peppers

David – Genos Cheesesteak – Whiz, No Peppers

Other Notable Cheesesteak Joints in Philly

  • Jims Cheesesteaks
  • Steaks on south