It sure didn’t take the long for the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) to welcome me to their great city! I kind of knew how aggressive they could be from watching the reality show Parking Wars. Even with this research I was not prepared for my first parking violation in Philly.

The Story

The story is that I was on my way to work and stopped off at the dry cleaners to drop off my suit. I was heading to Seattle for my brothers baby blessing so I needed to get it done fast. I pulled up dropped it off and came right back out. When I did I saw the PPA guy checking the meter so I scurried over to my car and got in to take off. As I shift into drive and am about to make my getaway I hear a little knock on my window. Thats right it was the PPA guy a knockin. He said “You got a ticket”, which I proceeded to tell him why I don’t deserve a ticket. While I was busy pleading my case, he was busy typing away on his little computer. Thirty seconds later as I’m still arguing with the guy I see the ticket print out the top of his little computer, to which he then tells me “once its printed theres nothing i can do”.

I was looking around everywhere for the cameras so i could at least look forward to getting my 15 minutes of fame on TV, but all i saw was the PPA guy walking off with a smug look on his face.
Now I just chalk up getting a parking ticket as a part of being initiated to the East Coast.