When thinking of what to do for New Year Resolutions this year, i decided to change my strategy to doing a 30 day challenges each month instead of committing to doing a lot of goals for a whole year. I got the idea from someone that I really look upto, Matt Cutts, who explains the 30 day challenge strategy in his Ted Talk video.

So instead of me committing to goals for entire year, i’m committing to trying something to improve myself 30 days at a time for the year. If I really enjoy making ballon animals everyday then I’ll keep doing it. If I can barely make it 30 days as a vegetarian than I appreciate hamburgers that much more afterwards.

What Should I Do My Next 30 Days?

To start off the year, I will be spending the first month getting my finances figured out, but I haven’t decided what 30 day challenges I’m going do for the rest of the year.

Here are some of the possible challenges i’ve come up with so far. I’m interested in hearing your ideas for challenges! Leave your thoughts in the comments

  • be a vegetarian
  • do yoga
  • do P90x or Insanity Workouts
  • spend as little as possible
  • learn to speak spanish
  • daily acts of kindness
  • learn to make balloon animals
  • work only on the cloud
  • go with no tv
  • no computer after 9pm