So one of the tasks on my bucket list is to be apart of a flash mob! If you haven’t haven’t heard of this before i really feel sorry for you! But not to worry i took the time to put this YouTube playlist together of my favorite Flash Mob videos. Or as i like to call them, my “Flash Mobspiration”

How To See A Flash Mob Fail Coming

Alright, so you see now how epic these are! So when my co-worker Mallen told me about one happening in Tucson I was all over it! So I went to the practices and it sounded legit. We were going to be doing a dance flash mob in the Tucson Mall for the opening of Paradise Bakery. A marketing firm was setting it all up so all we had to do was learn the dance, show up, perform our awesomeness and check another thing off the list! Right? Well I didn’t have any concerns until the morning of the Flash Mob. Just so the same thing doesn’t happen to you, look out for these things so you don’t get into a Flash Mob Fail position.

1) They change the location the morning of the flash mob.

2) The new location is in the parking lot of a SuperTarget .

3) The “music” for the flash mob is a girls little boom box .

4) The only crowd at the site are the people waiting to do the flash mob.

5) They tell you at the end to not scatter away but to stay and hand out fliers for a Paradise bakery at the mall 2 blocks away.

The Flash Mob Fail Video



Flash Mob Still To Come

Since it was a fail I am not checking it off being in a flash mob for my list! I am still going to do this! I think i am going to have to take matters into my own hands to make sure it gets done right!

In order to do choreograph this I might have to resurrect the  “high school musical rejects” team to choreograph it. The following video was our one of our most popular dance battles we did.

Get ahold of me if you want to do a flash mob! I need to get this off the list!


Ending With A Smile

So the night before the Flash Mob, i was trying to think of a fun disquise or costume to wear to the Flash Mob in the Mall. I thought of wearing aJamba Juice Banana, a full business suit with suitcase, or a huge bundle of balloons like the movie “UP”. Who knew how hard it would be to find a banana suit, or a suit case for that matter, and after i found out how expensive a ton of balloons were and that they might not do so well in the heat. I decided to go with a small bouquet of flowers instead. So i showed up at the Flash Mob Fail and was so confused at what was going on that I forgot the flowers in the car.


When we got done, and back to the car I was thinking “what am i going to do with these flowers now?”. So after dropping off my co-flash mob failees, I decided to hit up 4th ave for some late breakfast. Since I didn’t know what to do with the flowers i just took them with me and gave them to woman as I walked to breakfast. They all gave me that weird look at first, but once they saw i was serious they gave me a big smile. The postal worker, the bagel girl, and the mom shopping with her daughters all seemed to love their flowers. It was amazing to see what a little act of service can do to brighten someones day! I’ll have to start doing that more often, because at the end of it I had a big smile on my face too.