So i figured that since I love to wakeboard, snowboard, and longboard how hard could it be to tackle a surfboard? So when I was in San Diego with my friend Blake I thought that I was going to be a natural surfer and pick it up without a problem. It was amazing cause Blake lives 3 blocks off of Pacific Beach, so we just walked down to the beach and rented our boards and wetsuits just next to the beach. Couldn’t believe that we got everything we needed for 3 hours for just $20!

So as it turns out surfing is way different from any of those other boards that I’ve tried. For starters I wasn’t prepared for the all the paddling and i swallowed so much salt water I couldn’t taste anything for the rest of the weekend.

It was the 4th of July weekend and the beach was packed, even more packed were the waves of surfers! We both basically got ran over by people several times by other surfers. It was kind of scary.

After no luck from trying to ride the big waves and almost getting run over I had to move closer in and finally got up on a couple of waves and cruised them out for a bit. Success! Don’t know if i like it better than the other boards but it was definitely worth trying.