I heard from my friends Brian Nicodemus and Bryce Parker about this little secret in Marana, where you can pay $20 to ride a real bull! Every other Friday night they hold a mini rodeo for bull riders to practice bull riding. How could I pass up this opportunity? To ride a real bull for only $20’s!

When I arrived at the rodeo early i walked up and signed my life and personal well being away to ride the beast. It would be about 2 hours until I ride. I met up with Brian and Bryce’s friend CJ Brewer who gave me some spurs and started telling me strategy on what to do. Cj only had enough gear for one person so we were going to have to share the equipment between rides. That was until I met my rodeo coach Dustin Gonzalez a 15 year old with a fiery personality that matched his ginger hair. He was hurt so he wasn’t riding and was letting me use his gear. He showed me how to warm up my rope and some advice on how to ride a bull. He basically put me through Bull Riding 101. His coaching was amazing, too bad i didn’t record that. This youtube video was the best i could find.

Everyone around me knew that it was my first time and kept asking me if I was nervous, scared, or crazy. I guess I was little of all of them, but i actually wasn’t that nervous until I got onto my bull, “Desert Storm”, and felt how strong and massive He is! They strapped my hand to his back so tight that it was going numb. They asked me if I was ready and I said “Lets Do It!” Just like cliff jumping, once you jump theirs no turning back.

$5 Parking, $20 To Register, Riding A Bull Is Priceless from Ben Beck on Ben’s Bull Ride.

Once they flung open that gate , Desert Storm was out of their with me flailing on his back! He headed straight for the far fence, bucking me the entire way. Once we got to the fence, he turned abruptly which made me think that he was going to squish me into the fence! So I grabbed onto the fence to pull me off. That was my 6 second adrenal rush! I got a great cheer from the crowd and the announcer. I also got a good bruise on my arm from grabbing onto the gate, i guess your not suppose to do that. One things for sure its an experience and a rush that I will never forget!