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Sit in A Dumb & Dumber Heart Jacuzzi Tub


Who hasn’t seen Dumb and Dumber and not wanted to chill in a heart shaped hot tub?

Back in college we were in New Jersey and the only request we had for a hotel was that it had to have a heart shaped jacuzzi tub. We found one in the shady part of town but it was worth it! If you really want one they have them for sale but I’d say you try one at a hotel first. Whatever the price of the hotel the pictures are always priceless!

Run the Rocky Stairs


In Philadelphia people don’t see “Rocky” as a fictional character, he is a living legend. I can’t tell you how many people went off raving how great he is and how much he did for the city. After telling us all this the locals told us where the statue and stairs of Rocky were, and we were off to see them.

It was so much fun to see the statue and even more fun to run the stairs! I felt like Rocky, only thing missing were some cow carcasses to punch.

Rocky Steps from Ben Beck on Vimeo.

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